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Civil department is responsible for the filing of all civil pleadings and all documents related to these proceedings.

Fax filings:

Civil suits and pleadings may be faxed. We must receive it by 4:15 p.m in order to process a confirmation that day. If we receive your fax after 4:15 p.m. a confirmation will be faxed the following day. Any pleadings faxed after 4:30 p.m. will be clocked in the next business day.  All originals must be received within seven (7) days of the fax accompanied with the filing fees.

  • No civil pleading will be filed or service perfected without an advanced deposit
  • All outstanding court cost must be paid before a suit is dismissed
  • To receive certified copies of judgments, all outstanding court cost must be paid


The Clerk of Court and his staff are by law prevented from rendering legal advice or legal services except as provided by the Constitution and other laws of the State of Louisiana. PLEASE CONTACT AN ATTORNEY FOR LEGAL ADVICE.


The cost for filing a small claim is $175.00 for one defendant and $75.00 for each additional defendant. The limit is $5000.00 (court cost not included in this amount). All requests must be done in writing and you have to check the status of your own lawsuit when filing that you are representing yourself. Always have your case number available when checking the status of your case.


The clerks office will issue a refund upon request or if suit has been completed and refund request form has been filled out.


Needing help finding uncontested divorce forms? You can use the link below that Legal Aid provides.
For questions about family court matters, legal aid has a website. Click below to view it.


Supervisor                   Denise Robinson

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Non Support                Kendra Davis

Restraining orders       Myrna Schillings

Hearing officers           Leanne Adcox