The Washington Parish Clerk of Court has access to birth records for Louisiana only.  This is a walk in service only.

Birth Certificates: Individuals born in Louisiana may obtain a certified Birth Certificate from the Clerk of Court’s office. Birth Certificates for infants will be available 90 days after birth. The cost of this long form certificate is $34.00 and includes the name at birth, date of birth, parish of birth, mother and father’s full names, parent’s place of birth, age of parents at the time of birth, file date and issue date.

Birth Certificate\Birth Cards: (SOLD AS A PAIR ONLY) Individuals born in Louisiana from the year 1909 to present may obtain a Birth Card from the Clerk of Court’s office.  This 3” x 4” document has the person’s name, date and parish of birth, sex, mother’s maiden names and father’s initials listed as well as the Vital Records birth number. The cost of a birth card is $48.00

Death Certificates: Are available from July 2012 to present. You may obtain a copy of the death certificate if you are the surviving spouse, adult child, sibling, grandparent, adult grandchild or person named on insurance policy of the person named on the document. (UNLESS OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED BY LA R.S. 40) Cost of a Death certificate is $26.00

An Application for a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Form must be completed and signed by the applicant.  This form is available at the Clerk of Court’s office, under the forms section of this website or by clicking here. Any immediate family member (mother, father, current legal spouse, child of legal age, grandparent) may obtain a registrant’s birth certificate/card by filling out and signing the Application for a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Form and presenting their own required current photo identification.

NOTE:  Forms of Identification must be current and readable.

A certified copy of custody documents regarding a minor must be submitted.