What to do if you receive a Subpoena for Jury Service….

A Subpoena is an order to appear in court at the time stated. Everyone who is qualified must participate in jury selection unless you believe you meet one of the following:

  • If you have an excuse for not serving on Jury Duty or need to postpone your jury service for a good cause, ONLY SIGNED WRITTEN REQUESTS can be considered.     
  •  If you have a medical excuse, a physician’s note MUST be attached.  If you are a full time student, you MUST send a copy of your Student ID and an official copy of your class schedule.  If you have a trip or vacation planned, you MUST attach a copy of your tickets or reservations.
  •  Please mail or fax your request to the address below NOT LATER THAN 7 WORKING DAYS before the date of your jury service is scheduled to begin.  Please include a daytime phone number and/or fax number where you can be reached. If your request is not received by the deadline, you must report for Jury Duty and you can request to be excused by the judge qualifying the venire.
  •  You will be notified sometime during the week before the jury service is scheduled to begin if you have been excused or if you must report for Jury Duty.                                                            

     If you have questions concerning your Jury Duty you may call (985) 839-3093 and leave a message with a daytime phone number where you can be reached.


Please send your request to: Jury Coordinator, 22nd Judicial District Court

St. Tammany Parish, Justice Center

701 N. Columbia Street, Room 3182

Covington, LA 70433

Fax # 985-839-3838

  • If you need accommodation for a disability, please contact the Jury Coordinator at the above address or call (985) 839-3093 and leave a message.
  • Also note all persons entering the Courthouse will be subject to a search for concealed weapons.

  • Prospective jurors are also advised that shorts and tank tops are not to be worn when attending court.


Our office tries its best to remove the deceased from our Jury Venire. If for some reason a family member has passed away we ask that you please contact Daphne Phelps at the Clerk of Courts office (985-839-4663) so we can remove them from our list . We apologize in advance for anyone that may have been overlooked.